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what does it mean to be a dark wiccan?alot of people have asked me this.in response i can say that it is the opposite from the Light wicca.meaning,the light wiccans practice their craft in the day,thus,it makes the dark wiccans practice their rites and rituals at night.some people dont even see this a cause and effect.although some people dont,there are alot of us dark wiccans,pagans,and witches out there in the world as of today.some of us just hides it inside of them and they keep it to themselves until time to practice at night.i think imo that the dark wicca practice is far more better.intuned with the dark powers of the earth,and soforth.but one must have to be intuned with the darkness and accept its powers before they can become dark.through these pages,you will learn about the religion and the religion of the dark wicca.i bide you not that we are evil.for we dark witches,do not see evil as a deity.we see evil as being a human source that is brought on by the humans.thus,making the world evil.the world is full of evil,naturally.but,that doesnt make satan being a deity,now does it?
now onto the begining of the witchcraft and wicca religion!
blessings to you,

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