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welcome to the Hecatepage.My name is
 Ostarawitch,and i will be here to talk to you about the Dark Wicca religion.I want to start off first by saying that there is a dark Wicca out there that has'nt been introduced to the world yet,but maybe in some parts of the world it is,but it hasn't been giving the details on the learning of it.That's where i come into.The dark wicca religion,is the same practice of the same as the wicca religion of traditional.i've had many people say to me that colors of the wicca,are not important.to me,i believe that it is important.color is the part of magick.color is the thought of making our rituals go positively.so without colors,than we cannot succeed a positive ritual.i am a dark witch of the wicca,and have practice my rites for a year and a day now.i know that i have not had many years involved in wicca,but i have been through the cycle of the new initiary.dark wicca,itself is nothing to do with evil.evil is just completely a different source thought up by the early christians in the roman century.we've no proof that the devil exists,we've no proof that there is evil amongst spirit ways.the only thing that does exist in evil,is the thoughts of it in ourselves.what i am saying,is that we create evil within ourselves and do this.the war in iraq is of evil,yes,but as i said earlier,it is thought up of the people that caused the war.thus,how can the devil be real???no proof whatsoever.dark wicca is the same as light wicca,we practice the religion of the old and wise through dark and is the only thing different.we do not sacrifice no animals,babies,or drink blood.this is stupidity that was thought up of hollywood society.i've never seen no wiccans do this in my life,and i never will.we have a rule that we must follow,which is the harm none rule.i am pretty sure you've heard of it before.an' it harm none,do as ye will.as you dont harm no one,you do as you wish.be it,health wise,etc.we have a loving goddess and god,we do our rituals to ourselves,and bother no one.we seek peace through our alters,and through our circles.we thank the god and goddess for the gift that they give to us as a witch,wiccan.so how do we practice the craft of the wise?that my friends i will discuss with you in the next pages there after.

Blessings to you,

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